Pure Body Luxe FACE CLEANSING OIL is a unique naturally derived Face Cleanser formulated from 100% natural botanical oils to thoroughly cleanse your face combined wih our unique water emultifaction ingredients that take away the impurities on the skin leaving your skin feeling clean, hydrated and fresh with the subtle scents of Geranium,  Lemon and complimentary citrus oils.



Pump a small amount onto the palm of one hand (1 to 2 squirts is all that is needed). Adjust this to suit your personal choice.  Rub a few drops of water into this with your fingers

to emulsify the mixture until it changes into a creamy light foamy texture.  Rub both palms together to emulsify the mixture further and gently massage this onto your face, around your eyes and anywhere you want make-up removed.  Avoid direct contact with eyes.  Rinse face thoroughly with warm water.  The CLEANSE Face Cleansing oil contains ingredients that acts as astringents to reduce pore size so let your face breathe and dry completely before applying make-up or additional moisturisation. 

You may wish to follow this routine with a Pure Body Luxe Face Serum such as the Pure Body Luxe Intense-A (for evening use) or Advanced-C (for morning use) to give your skin super moisture surge. 


  • High in Vitamins A & C
  • Cleans thoroughly, removes make-up
  • Deep pore clean
  • Remove dead surface skin cells
  • Natural skin moisturisation
  • Firm, smooth and flexible skin
  • Stimulation in deep dermal layers
  • Help rejuvenate skin cells
  • Anti-aging and youthful appearance
  • Line and wrinkle reduction
  • Skin health and nourishment
  • Washes off easliy

Pure Body Luxe is a beautful range of moisturising body oils in 100ml, 50ml, 15ml and 5ml sized bottles. ...

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