Place a small amount (a full scoop of the spatula supplied) onto each of the palms of both hands. Adjust this to suit your personal discretion.  Massage this into the body gently in small, circular motions which warms this up.  Avoiding the eyes, face and other sensitive areas.  With both hands, gently rub this in and around the body to exfoliate.  Rinse this with warm water in a bath or shower for a beautifully moisturised glowing skin.

Follow this ritual with Pure Body Luxe NOURISH moisturising oil for deep skin nourishment and maximum skin health. Avoid sensitive areas and discontinue use if irritation occurs.


  • Provides thourough exfoliation with Epsom Salts Power, Bamboo Powder, Australian White and Red Clay
  • Contains natural botanical and essential oils that replenish the skin's natural oils
  • Arnica oil extract that reduces inflammation, boost circulation and speeds up the healing process
  • Subtle aromas of Frankincense and Mandarin oils



Pure Spa Luxe is a range of professional massage oils, exfoliants and masks formulated from rich botanical oils and oil extracts for use in spa treatments and well-being rituals containing potent anti-oxidants made from 100% natural oils, oil extracts and essential botanicals. ...

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