Pure Body Luxe BODY WASH - HEAL is a luxurious foaming liquid soap for the face and body formulated with natural botanical oils and oil extracts made using traditional artisan methods and suitable for use in the shower, bath or hand basin.

This product combines glorious scents from Geranium, Lemon and Tangerine oils to create an uplifting citrus fragrance which is further enhanced with Clary Sage, Fennel Seed and Tansy oils, with the woody undertones of Myrrh and Juniper Leaf oils.


Apply a small amount to the palm of your hands or a flannel and lather in a bath or shower. Spread evenly on wet skin to all parts of your body and continue to wash, scrub or rub for at least 20 seconds. This will maximise the anti-bacterial nature of the body wash to be effective in removing and killing harmful bacteria, disease-causing germs and viruses. Rinse with cold or warm water.

This ritual will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrated with delicate citrus scents.

This product couples well with Pure Body Luxe FACE CLEANSER which can be used on the face just prior to the body wash.  

Follow with Pure Body Luxe HEAL Face & Body Oil to enhance the moisture content of your whole body and bask in the delicious aroma and character even further.

  • Creates a soft lather that spreads easily all over body
  • Thoroughly cleanses skin by removing bad bacteria, dirt and grime
  • Replenishes the skin's natural oils for extra nourishment
  • Blended with botanical, essential oils and oil extracts that lock in moisture
  • Subtle natural aroma of Geranium and Lemon oils
  • All natural ingredients

Pure Body Luxe is a beautful range of moisturising body oils in 100ml, 50ml, 15ml and 5ml sized bottles. ...

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